Wisconsin Resources

Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups

850 World Dairy Dr # 100

Madison, WI 53718

(608) 224-0606

Prevent Suicide Wisconsin

2019 WI Suicide Prevention Conference


Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Association


Wisconsin Department of Aging

Projections for the growing aging population

Wisconsin Department of Health Services 

Wisconsin Eye

A new series of short films developed by WisconsinEye spotlights stories of those affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Wisconsin. There are twelve segments, each is between 3-8 minutes long. Select menu item “Dealing with Dementia”.

Wisconsin Family Caregivers

Wisconsin Family Caregivers website has a bounty of resources.

Wisconsin Faith In Action Network      

Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging 

Wisconsin Reduced Hunting, Fishing and Gaming Fees  

Wisconsin’s No Call List


Wisconsin Senior Guide – For seniors and their caregivers, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s Senior Guide has long been a trusted source of information on consumer issues and scams that the state’s elderly residents face.  The Senior Guide contains more than 50 pages of information to help Wisconsin seniors through difficult consumer issues or to help them identify scams. Download your copy now.

Wisconsin State Legislators