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August 15, 2016 / Luann Olson / All News

Saying Goodbye to Good Volunteers

All of our volunteers are getting older.  This keeps Interfaith Caregivers in recruitment mode pretty much all the time.  And what’s interesting is how our volunteers seem to move seamlessly from being the driver to being driven.  Evidently, helping someone older stay independent allows for an education in how to make the decision for your own transition much easier.

The Purge

You may remember the two columns I wrote about my grandfather’s last year and what caregiving can look like from the inside.  Well, it’s not finished when the person you’re caring for dies.  In fact, that’s only a part of a very long process.

When I am an old lady

What age will YOU pass away?  Ever thought about it?

According to experts, there are many variables that affect one’s ability to live that long:  diet, exercise, genetics…

You like us!  You really like us!

I’ve been in nonprofit work for a long time.  Much longer than one would think, gazing upon my youthful appearance.  Ahem.  And when you serve a mission and help people for a living, you concentrate a lot on whether there will ever be enough money to do all the things you want to do and help all the people you want to help.