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July 11, 2017 / Tammy / All News, Other News

Home alone alliance

The Home Alone AllianceSM is a partnership of public, private, and nonprofit sector organizations coming together to change the way health care organizations and professionals interface with family caregivers.

Almost half (46%) of family caregivers say they perform medical/nursing tasks. These include handling prescriptions, helping someone climb the stairs with a cane, and caring for and cleaning wounds. Family caregivers often do these tasks with no training or help from health care professionals.

Family caregivers often feeling stressed about performing these tasks and worry about making mistakes. The Home Alone AllianceSM is dedicated to creating solutions geared towards supporting family caregivers performing these complex tasks.


The Home Alone Alliance is pleased to release its first series of family caregiver instructional videos. Developed by Alliance members — the AARP Public Policy Institute and the U.S. Veterans Administration, this initial series – available in English and Spanish, seeks to provide family caregivers of those with mobility challenges simple, concrete instruction on a variety of topics.

Family Caregiving Video Series