Board Members

2020 Board of Directors

Leslie Larson – President


Jan Carlson – Vice President



MarJean Sieberer – Secretary

Sharon Schiebel – Treasurer

Cindy Glocke

Charvey Spencer

We are proud to have new board members Sheila Berklund and Gurine Gall. Photos will be added soon! 

Board meetings are held on the third Monday of each month from 4-6pm in the conference room at the Milltown office.

133 Eider St
Milltown, WI 54858

  • Visitors are welcome

Board Elections
Reorganization of board offices and committees is done each March.

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is held on the third Monday each February.

  • Clients, volunteers, donors, church representatives, business representatives and those representing local organizations are encouraged to attend.


Executive Committee:
President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (normally elected at March meeting)

Personnel Committee: Carlson (chair), Sieberer, Glocke, Berklund, Larsen

Long Range Planning Committee:   Sieberer (chair), Schiebel, Gall, Larsen

Finance/Fundraising Committee: Schiebel (chair), Spencer, Carlson, Gall, Larsen

Public Relations Committee:  Larsen (chair), Berklund, Spencer, Glocke