Board Members

2019 Board of Directors

Leslie Larson – President


Jan Carlson – Vice President



MarJean Sieberer – Secretary

Sharon Schiebel – Treasurer

Cindy Glocke

Charvey Spencer

We are looking to add board members! Call Karen for more information.

Board meetings are held on the third Monday of each month from 4-6pm in the conference room at the Milltown office.

133 Eider St
Milltown, WI 54858

  • Visitors are welcome

Board Elections
Reorganization of board offices and committees is done each March.

Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting is held on the third Monday each February.

  • Clients, volunteers, donors, church representatives, business representatives and those representing local organizations are encouraged to attend.


Executive Committee:
President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer (normally elected at March meeting)

Personnel Committee: Raye (chair), Sieberer, Larsen

Long Range Planning Committee: Larsen (chair), Raye, Schiebel, Carlson

Finance/Fundraising Committee: Schiebel (chair), Raye, Spencer

Public Relations Committee: Spencer, Larsen, Raye