Betty’s Circle

Betty’s Circle – new monthly giving program

Are you a Betty? Will you join Betty’s Circle?

To become a member of Betty’s Circle print the authorization form here. Authorization Form.

Two of our founding monthly givers just happen to be named Betty. In honor of them, we’ve named the program Betty’s Circle.

Betty #1 has been giving monthly since 2007. Every couple of years she increases the amount she gives. She insists on giving anonymously. When we accidentally included her name in our newsletter, she was adamant that she would stop giving if we recognized her publicly again. Her gift is from her heart and she wants no recognition for it.

Betty #2 has been giving for years. Her husband received rides to his cancer treatments from Interfaith Caregiver’s volunteers. She was so grateful, she started donating monthly in 2012 in his memory.T

If you don’t have a printer, call us at  715-825-9500. We will send you an authorization form to complete. When you send it back we’ll get you started as soon as possible.

How giving monthly helps you:

  • It’s convenient – your bank will do it all!
  • It saves a stamp, envelope and time!
  • Monthly donations make a big impact.

How it helps Interfaith Caregivers:

  • Budgeting is easier when we know there are funds we can count on.
  • We can focus more on helping our clients.

Authorization Form