About Us

 “Thank you for allowing me to be (one) of your volunteers. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each visit I have with these special people.” ~a volunteer

My mother has started using your services – providing transportation to Osceola for her therapy by volunteers “Helping Seniors.” This has been a blessing for our family. In appreciation, I have enclosed a small donation to help your “GREAT” service continue for my mother and others who are in need of it. -donor and family caregiver


Thank you Interfaith Caregivers for all your help. When I was a volunteer for Interfaith Caregivers I never thought I would need them for my wife. Thanks for being there for us.               ~a former volunteer, donor and client

Your volunteer and John got along fine playing games, chatting and lunch - which she bought for us. Was very thoughtful and she was very delightful. Don't know what we'd do without you.           ~a client and donor